Audio Book Available for Download

Narrators of the audio book.

Following the successful launch of the print edition of Alex B. Campbell: The Prince Edward Island Premier Who Rocked the Cradle in the summer of 2014, the book’s author Wade MacLauchlan wanted to share this inspiring Island story with regional, national and international audiences.

A further impetus for the audio and e-book was to make the work available to friends who no longer read on a regular basis but who are closely connected to the story of the Alex Campbell years. The resulting digital and audio formats provide new ways for readers (and listeners) to access and experience the book.

The audio edition was recorded over several months by four distinct voices: H. Wade MacLauchlan, Premier Alex B. Campbell, and actors Gracie Finley and Duncan McIntosh.

Premier Campbell reads speeches and other materials originally delivered almost 50 years ago. They are still powerful, as his is remarkable singing voice.

Gracie Finley and Duncan McIntosh read selected quotations at the beginning of each chapter and other passages.  Instrumental compositions provide smooth transitions between the chapters and a beautiful arrangement of Lucy Maud Montgomery's patriotic Island Hymn opens and closes the book.

The recordings were compiled, edited and digitally mastered by Rob Drew at the Robertson Library, UPEI using Adobe Audition. The resulting audio book is unabridged (and is in fact enhanced with new material not in the book) and includes almost 15 hours of high quality audio. 

We hope you enjoy this audio edition of Alex B. Campbell: The Prince Edward Island Premier Who Rocked The Cradle

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Audio Book Introduction 00:02:07 Listen Download
Chapter 01: Young Statesman 00:37:39 Listen Download
Chapter 02: Lyrical Prelude 00:50:05 Listen Download
Chapter 03: Swift Ascent 00:38:59 Listen Download
Chapter 04: The Reins of Power 00:59:48 Listen Download
Chapter 05: Either a Wedding Ring or a Honeymoon 00:48:47 Listen Download
Chapter 06: Teachable Moments in Higher Education 01:00:45 Listen Download
Chapter 07: A Decade of Cramming 00:39:07 Listen Download
Chapter 08: Epochal Changes in Society 01:06:33 Listen Download
Chapter 09: Land Questions 00:43:11 Listen Download
Chapter 10: Rocking the Cradle 01:16:58 Listen Download
Chapter 11: Small is Big 00:50:49 Listen Download
Chapter 12: Jolly Green Giant 00:57:19 Listen Download
Chapter 13: Tailoring Expectations 00:53:13 Listen Download
Chapter 14: The Business of Government 00:59:11 Listen Download
Chapter 15: Denouement 00:39:15 Listen Download
Chapter 16: Curtain Call 00:37:53 Listen Download